25 February 2011


I can not wait to see this classic Bournoville ballet A Folks Tale, will book tickets to this afternoon.
A Folk Tale is a classic Bournonville ballet with a new approach by the artistic director of The Royal Danish Ballet Nikolaj Hübbe. A story of mistaken identity inspired by ancient Danish folk tales, the ballet is suffused with romantic tension between this world and that of the dangerously demonic underworld. 
Im sure it will be fascinating, entertaining and a bit scary with the elfins, beetles, pheasant girls, nobleman, witches, thieves and many other magical creatures.
 In Nikolaj Hübbe’s version of A Folk Tale, the stage is set for a dark and disturbing narrative on enlightenment versus superstition, a topic still interesting in today's world where most people are battling with the fear of the unknown.
The beautiful scenography is made by Mia Stensgaard.

LINK: The Royal Danish Theatre

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