16 May 2011


”There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” sings Leonard Cohen. 
You can only truly see beauty when it is placed together with something unsightly. An unassuming plastic button can become an object of beauty simply by being combined with an antique gold chain; a lone diamond is attractive and exclusive yet becomes distinctive and striking when placed together with something dirty and scratched.
The Danish Jeweler Sys Bjarnhof has got an unbelievable good eye, creating the highest quality of fine jewelry. The beautiful ring at the bottom photo was given to me by my husband when I gave birth to Herbert. I LOVE that ring, it was made especially for me and has Herbert's name and birth date engraved.  Sys Bjarnhof is in my opinion the most talented jewelry designer.


  1. Hvor er de alle skønne - især den fine ring til sidst! Synes jeg har set den før;-) Fox xxx

  2. Ej men altså -er det ikke bare de smukkeste sager hun laver..?
    Jeg er KÆMPE fan af hende. KYS