9 August 2011


In the middle of Copenhagen on a cobble stoned street is where you find the most amazing jewellery boutique; Lynggaard. The shop is quite dark and protected by an overwhelming security system. 
(Supposely necassary..) but once you are let 'the cave' in it seems almost magical.
The shop has 'still lifes' of heavy and vibrant jewellery popping up everywhere. I have never seen so much courageous creativity put into rings, earrings etc.
The style is on the edge of vulgar (only one the edge!) decorated with an exaggerated use of diamonds, colorful stones and mixed materials and always shaped in organic round shapes like flowers, animals, branches. My mum owns a necklace with a naive chubby golden bee and a bracelet with the cutest elephant that carries a diamond in the trunk. It might sound corny but it's not -because it is made with the sharpest eye for details and shapes.     
I'm a devoted fan of Lynggard, I love studying all the delicate details of the jewellery.
To be honest I would not want to WEAR any of the pieces myself but I find it all incredible DIVINE and very very creative.
If you are around Ny Østergade in Copenhagen do stop by Lynggaard and experience all the beauty..

LINK. Lynggaard    

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