4 October 2011


Frydenlund Frugtplantage is one of my family's favorite places on earth.

Many of the buildings originates from 1723 where Frederik the 4th of Denmark had a beautiful pleasure palace with a baroque garden built about 20 kilometers north of Copenhagen.

The 'garden' has since been changed into a English inspired Apple Orchard and is no longer owned by the Royal Family, it is now privately owned.
GOSH.. How I would LOVE to live in this amazing place.
The orchard has 23 different types of apples, mainly Danish ones, as well as a few rows of pears.
We try to go there every other weekend in the autumn when the fruit is ripe.
There is no charge to get into the orchard and the fruit is VERY fairly prices.
You gather all the fruits yourself from the apple and pear trees.

I can HIGHLY recommend this lovely place.


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