20 January 2012


Charlotte Torpegaard is the beauty expert behind the 'Yummi Mummy' book (COMING SOON)

I'm not really into those sort of 'be-the-perfect-mother-and-the-sexiest-lover' books!!
There are thousands of those kind of disillusioning books out there trying to complicate and 'Barbiefy' the stressful time in your life when your kids are small.
 Lets face it - it's not the best time in your life to start lap dancing classes, have eyelash extension sessions every other week or have regular pedicure treatments even if some of these books are trying to make you believe it will be the best thing you have ever done.. IT'S NOT!
There are far more important (and less expensive and time consuming) things to do when your kids are small and need you the most!
GRRRRR..! Don't get me started on this foolish superficial subject..
The nonsense I have read in some of these so called cute girly 'mother to mother' books is UNBELIEVABLE! 

Right.. -now back to the actual content of this blog post.. 

The book 'Yummi Mummy' is actually on my wish list (it's not out yet but you can sign up using the link below) because I find Charlotte Torpegaard mature, and wise and detailed when it comes to her research of beauty products and treatments AND she has a little boy herself so hopefully there will be no silly 'over the top ' advises in the book. 

You can follow her well written beauty blog I LOVE BEAUTY here.


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