30 November 2012


We are so PROUD to present our new collection of trays.
MisseMai decided to create a beautiful collection of trays printed with the stunning SEASONAL TREES.

A buzzing Spring time tree, a beaming Summer tree, a windy Autumn tree and a sparkling Winter tree.
The trays will sweetly decorate any table or shelve. We absolutely love this pretty product and we think that they are perfect to use as small plates for delicious cakes and fruits AND they are practical as well -you can use them for hot pots and pans.
The do look very pretty used as a small tray for beauty products or tea lights.

SIZE: 20 x 28 cm


  1. Oh, wow, these are so pretty! What a great idea!
    I really love how you are expanding these days! Brilliant!
    I'll have to put one of these coasters on my christmas wish list this year! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ohh .. THANK YOU Veronika. I hope the pretty coasters will end under your tree :-) It's SNOWING in Copenhagen JUHUUUUUUU... Mia-Louise xx