3 January 2012


As before mentioned I ordered quite a bit of organic textiles from Fabric Worm in the beginning of December. The textiles arrived and they were to die for pretty :-)
Im NOT a good sewer myself so scared that I might ruin the quite expensive fabrics I decided to find someone who could help me turn the textiles into pillows and bed linens.
Some of the products were meant to be Christmas presents so I was in a bit of a hurry.. 
I have had many different people sewing the MisseMai pillows for the last 7 years and it is not an easy job finding someone reliable. 
But BOY... was I in for a nice surprise.
My dear friend Julie (a talented jeweller who is terrible picky about details!) recommended a girl called Sofie Legarth from the company Petite Legarth.  
I got in contact with Sofie 10 days before Christmas and asked her if it was possible for her to make 4 sets of bed linen and 2 pillow cases within a week,  and she came back with a positive response and some very fair prices.
I gave her the fabrics and a short description of my wishes and a week later I picked up some very neatly sewn pillows and 4 sets of bed linen. I was VERY impressed, she is without any doubt the best seamstress I have come across in Copenhagen.
Sofie makes a smaller range of children's products herself (see photos above) - do have a browse at her web site Petite Legarth.


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