2 January 2012


Herbert and I went to this fantastic little place on Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen, a few days before Christmas. 
The place is called 'Creative Space'. 
The concept is simple; you book a table a few weeks in advance - the place is quite busy - once your table is free you choose between all the pretty ceramic products in the shop, pick the shades of paint you wish to decorate the ceramic with (Herbert choose a great deal of his favorite color ORANGE!)  and then you let your children paint. 
I must admit I was a bit nervous..!
But Herbert who is a very active 2 1/2 years old boy was painting for nearly an hour, and he LOVED it. 
We even painted his little foot and made foot prints on the mug he was painting for his Uncle Jason. 

The ceramic is very nicely shaped, the colors of the paints are beautiful so you will get a nice result no matter what.
We were suppose to give all the stuff away as Christmas presents but we all liked it so much that we ended up with most of the ceramic ourselves.  

I can highly recommend this place.


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