17 January 2012


I find that when I'm pregnant I wake up every night during my sleep terribly hungry, which is quite annoying since it is not easy getting any rest at all with a big baby bump blocking the way of a comfortable sleeping position.
But I have now found a cure and it works wonders! 
I was recommended this evening treat by a very talented nutritionist. It is good for the immune system, keeping the blood sugar level calm and the little sour berries are full of iron and the banana full of calcium. (VERY important when you are pregnant!)
This is what I've had as my evening snack every night since New Years and I don't wake up hungry during night anymore. JUHUUUU...
2 dl of L√łgismose Skyr (it's a neutral youghurt from Iceland) a handful of red currants and half of a banana.
The combination is NOT very tasty, it is quite sour but I feel VERY healthy and I sleep like a baby.

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